Saturday, April 13, 2013

Faith Day on the Hill

RCC members participated in planning and holding Faith Day on the Hill at the Tennessee State Capitol. 

Representative Brenda Gilmore hosted the event and a wide variety of faith groups
Rep. Brenda Gilmore
participated: Mormon, Baha’i, Sikh, Jew, Scientologist, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, All-Denominational Christian, Muslim and more.  They came together to discuss topics of burning interest to all: education, health care, violence, jobs and the prison system. Not only did they discuss these issues but also got to know one another so that together as a unified force they could look at how to resolve the problems facing their state. Brian Fesler, Julie Brinker and Carol Mansour of the Nashville chapter participated in the planning sessions for the event.  

Dr. Michele Gourley,
TN Dept of Health
Each topic of the day was followed by a prayer delivered by a religious leader from the area. Speakers for the event included: Dr. Michele Gourley (Tenn. Dept. of Health), Commissioner Kevin Huffman (Tenn. Dept. of Education), Commissioner Derrick D. Schofield (Tenn. Dept. of Corrections), Ted Townsend (Tenn. Dept. of Economic and Community Development), Richard Moore (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) and leaders from many faiths. 

There was a panel on Faith-to-Faith meant to bring everyone closer together by learning about one another. Representing the Sikh Community on the panel was Prem Singh Kahlon who had previously hosted an RCC meeting. The panel was moderated by Nashville chapter president Brian Fesler. 

Rev. Brian Fesler, Nashville Chapter RCC President

Prem Singh Khalon, representing the Sikh community
Remziya Suleyman, representing the Muslim community

Faith Day on the Hill proved to be a wonderful opportunity for faith communities to come together and learn from one another. In fact, many members of the Mormon religion were present who are now eager to host a meeting for RCC in the future.