Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Feb 2015: MaryAnne Howland, Ibis Communications

In February, Nashville's RCC Chapter met at Ibis Communications Office on a cold and icy day to meet MaryAnne Howland who formed and runs the International office based in Nashville. 
The Ibis is the bird of wisdom and symbol of knowledge, an omen of good things to come, the mythical scribe of powerful, transformative and beautiful messages. That’s the Ibis specialty, reaching niche markets across a broad spectrum of demographics, with fluent, resonant, and persuasive communications.
MaryAnne's personal philosophy is to include all people and help make the world a better place by serving others. She gave RCC members an insight into why she is passionate about this. Her son was born with a disability, but he is the bravest, most wonderful person and inspires her every day. 
MaryAnne, in her mission to help others will only serve as the communications agency of organizations of goodwill. 
She is also Founder and CEO of the Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, that launched in February 2012. This unique forum is designed to facilitate an on-going dialogue with global thought leaders and C-Suite executives on global diversity, inclusion and sustainability in the US, BRICS nations, and other emerging markets. 
During the Obama Administration, she attended four White House Summits: Women Leaders in Climate Finance and Investment, Women and the Environment conducted by the EPA, White House Business Council as a participant in Business Forward, and the Green Business Summit led by the American Sustainable Business Council. During the Clinton Administration, recognition for the success of her business led to the prestigious honor of an invitation to lunch on Capitol Hill for a White House tribute to the nation’s Women Business Leaders. 

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