Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Meeting: Building Bridges over Bagels

RCC held its first meeting for the year in January at the Nashville Church of Scientology in a warm environment with hot coffee & tea and plenty of bagels for all. Chapter president, Rev. Brian Fesler, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, getting introductions, then diving right into the hot news discussion of the day: in the 1970s, Southern Baptist leaders supported women's right to choice. Today, the SBC leaders are seeking an end to legal abortion. How can it be that a denomination can turn 180 degrees on such a basic issue? 
The group talked about various political issues and how they have impact, as well as if it is or isn't right to make government policy that is based in religious beliefs, and most importantly how to reach those who do make policy to try and get it all right. 

This meeting series is called “Building Bridges over Bagels,” drawing attention to making strong and lasting ties between people of faith while breaking bread together. According to Fesler, the concept for these meetings is “to bring diverse people together to dialogue about hot topics and how we can unite to bring more inspiration and good news to the world.”

Attending the January meeting were: Julie Brinker with the Church of Scientology, Drew Pope with the LDS Church, Carol Mansour with Baha'is of Middle Tennessee, Prem Singh Kahlon with the Sikh Temple, Royya James with United Methodist Communications, Rev. Brian Fesler with the Church of Scientology, Teresa Suarez with United Methodist Development Center, Brooke Baker with Faith and Culture Center, and Amy Hurd with the Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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